The Adventure Starts Here: Christmas Eve with the Freels

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Eve with the Freels

I won't post all my pictures because I posted a lot on Facebook, but here's a recap of our Christmas Eve and a few of my favorite pictures...

Christmas Eve Morning Chris and I met my family at Picture People at the Bridgewater Mall.  This is the first time since last Christmas that Luke and David were home at the same time.  Since that happens so infrequently we decided to use this opportunity to get a family picture taken.  The last professional photo we had was at my wedding, but Matthew had not arrived yet.  We had a great girl taking the pictures and she even got Matthew to smile... not an easy task as Matthew is a pretty serious kid.  We were able to get a whole family shot, one of my parents with their grandkids, a family shot for David, Trisha, and the kids, and a picture of me and Chris.  Here's the result of the family picture framed and on the wall at home...

The rest of the day we relaxed, played with the kids, and decorated cookies for Santa, all while Mom prepared our Christmas Eve Feast!

I love this photo for many reasons... they both look so relaxed 
and there aren't many photos for Kaitlyn with her Uncle Luke!

The day we also surprised my mom with an early gift.  I don't want to say it's a Christmas gift because it was just replacing something that she already had... but it kind of was a "Christmas Miracle" (to quote Elmo's Christmas Countdown).  The story goes... my mom had this cheese grater for a really long time and has had a few over the years as each got old and needed to be replaced.  It suctions to the counter and then you just put the bowl underneath and can easily shred the cheese by just turning the handle.  Since the Freels love cheese, this was a lifesaver.  Well over the years it got harder and harder to find this exact model.  She even tried different versions but none ever made the cut.  Well when I got married she decided to give me her cheese grater thinking that she'd be able to find a replacement for herself somewhere.  This was not an easy task.  So Chris decided to go on a mission to find the beloved Cheese Grater.  He finally found it online being sold on the Bed Bath and Beyond equivalent... in Switzerland!  It took a while to ship (and extra shipping costs), but we were able to get her a brand new one... Mom was super surprised and loved it!  I also love that I have the new camera that takes rapid fire continuous shots so we could capture her immediate reaction!

Christmas Eve dinner was great.  Mom made turkey and all the usual sides and I made tilapia and shrimp fried rice.  We decided to add these dishes to the menu because Luke is trying to eat more vegetarian now, but the dishes were a hit with everyone... even the meat eaters :)

After dinner we acted out the Nativity... our annual tradition.  Earlier that day we asked Kaitlyn who everyone should be.  Right away she said she was going to be Mary and Chris was going to be Joseph (she really loves Chris... one of the reasons is cause he's always willing to play with her).  She told me I could be the angel.  We asked her what Daddy should be... "a cow", then grandpa... "a camel"!  This made us crack up laughing... very demanding roles they were given.  Then Grandma, Mommy, Matthew, and Luke got to be wisemen... she said that there could be four instead of the usual three.   The nativity was a lot of fun and we enjoyed singing Christmas songs as well.

It was getting late so after that the kids got in their PJs, Kaitlyn picked out some cookies to leave for Santa, and we tried to get a shot of the two kids together.  This is not easy since we have to get Kaitlyn looking at the camera and Matthew not trying to run away.  We finally decided that this photo was the best and represented their personalities.

 Then it was off to bed for the kids and Chris and I went home.  We left my parents and David and Trisha to be Santa's helpers... I heard it was a late night!

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