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Thursday, September 1, 2011

US Open

On Thursday, September 1st we went to the US Open Day Session.  This year Chris and I went with my parents and my Uncle David and Aunt Danielle.  We had amazing weather and got to see some big name tennis champions!  This will be the 5th year that my dad and I have gone.  It started off in 2007 as a Father's Day gift that I got my dad.  The following year my dad said we should go again and we brought David and Luke.  In 2009, Luke couldn't go because of school, but I was dating Chris so he came with us instead.  That year Chris and I even went a 2nd time as a last minute thing.  Then in 2010 we thought we wouldn't get to go because it was during the two weeks that Chris and I were in Italy.  But because of weather, the Men's Final got delayed and my dad and I got to go to it last minute the Monday after I arrived home to New Jersey.  Finally, this year in 2011 Chris and I went again but this year we got 6 tickets total.  Every year except for the final, we get tickets in Loge Center Court and we really love the view :)  I really hope that this is a tradition that the Freel family can continue for many years!

2007 - Me and Dad 

 2008 - Luke, Me, Dad, and David (Kaitlyn stayed home)

 2009 - Chris, Me, Dad, and David

 2009 - 2nd session - Chris and Me

 2010 - Finals - Me and Dad

2011 - Chris and Me
(My parents, Uncle David, and Aunt Danielle also came)

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