The Adventure Starts Here: Our California Vacation - San Francisco

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Our California Vacation - San Francisco

Last week Chris and I took our week long vacation to California.  On Saturday we flew from Newark to San Francisco.  We were both really looking forward to getting away from everything for an entire week just the two of us.  We had amazing weather and got to see a lot of cool things.  After we checked into our hotel we caught a cable car and headed down to the crooked part of Lombard Street.


Our first day was great, we walked down to the water and had a wine tasting in Ghiradelli Square.  Chris' best friend on this vacation was his Yelp Ap.  He researched a lot of restaurants to find the best places to go every night and what we should order.  He was successful the very first night, and I would have to say it was my favorite meal in San Francisco.  We went to this little Italian place called Frascati.  Chris got some gnocchi (his favorite) and I got this yummy pasta.

I had planned out the remaining 3 days in San Francisco ahead of time, but once we got there Chris added some things and we changed things around a bit.  Sunday we had a great big breakfast at Sears Fine Food (thanks to Yelp again) and then took a cab down to the Golden Gate Bridge.  Everyone kept telling us how great the weather was and that it hadn't been this nice in a while... how fortunate for us :)  We got to see great views of the bridge, and then hiked up this tall hill to the bridge.   That afternoon we had a nice relaxing afternoon in the Golden Gate Park.  We assumed that Central Park had to be bigger, but actually the Golden Gate Park is much larger... crazy huh?

Monday we had a tour planned to Muir Woods.  We got picked up early by our tour guide Tom and he took us from San Francisco across the bridge to Muir Woods.  It was a lot of fun cause there were just 7 of us in our group and we got to do a 3 mile hike through the forest.

Tuesday was our last day in San Francisco.  We decided to head down to the Ferry Building for the Farmer's Market.  We had a nice breakfast and then wandered around the market and picked up some pluots (Chris' favorite fruit).   One of Chris' requests while in San Francisco was to take a tour of the AT&T Park where the SF Giants play.  We booked a tour for Tuesday afternoon and it was so much fun.  We got to go in the visitors' locker room, the team's dug out, and on the field.

Since Tuesday was our last night in San Francisco we decided to head down to Fisherman's Wharf and see the sea lions on Pier 39.  There really weren't that many sea lions... I expected to see so many more!   That night we packed up our stuff and Wednesday morning we woke up early to pick up our rental car.  We had reserved a convertible and requested the Ford Mustang.  However, we were not lucky enough to get one and instead they were gonna give us an Eclipse convertible.  Chris was not happy about this and would not take it.  Instead he started to call around to see if other places had Mustangs.  The manager then stepped in and tried to get us a car that we'd be happy with.  If we hadn't had our luggage they could have given us a Corvette... how amazing would that have been!  But since that wasn't reality, we were thrilled when they were able to get us a red Camaro even if it wasn't a convertible.   Once we had the car we decided to drive down the crooked part of Lombard Street... so much fun!

Good Bye San Francisco!  Next stop... driving down the PCH and stopping in Monterey and Carmel!

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