The Adventure Starts Here: Labor Day Weekend 2011

Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Weekend 2011

Chris and I extended our Labor Day Weekend to 5 days off.  We were off the Thursday for the US Open and then Friday we headed to Rhode Island to see my brother David and his family.  We left at 2pm and the traffic was horrible as soon as we got on 95.  What should have taken us 3 and a half hours took us over 5!  They had Chinese Takeout waiting for us when we got to their house... it was much needed after a VERY long car ride!

Saturday we all headed down to Newport for the day.  David and Trisha drove us past some of the mansions and down to the Cliff Walk.  We walked a small portion of it and then decided to find a restaurant for lunch.

After our seafood lunch we walked down to Bowen's Wharf to board our afternoon sail boat around Newport.  It was a very sunny and windy day... perfect for riding on a sailboat.  We had an amazing time and the kids were so good!

After the boat ride we walked around town for a little while and got some yummy cupcakes at Cupcake Charlies.  Kaitlyn was hilarious and while David and Trisha were chatting with a friend we ran into she was dancing outside the store.  Chris put on some music on his iPhone and she just had a blast busting out the dance moves while I videotaped.

We headed over for a quick dinner at Outback and then to go mini golfing.  We had taken Kaitlyn mini golfing on the cruise and she loved it... so she was super excited to go do it again.  She would take her ball and go about a foot away from hole and then putt.  We 4 adults got super competitive and decided to play couple against couple.   Chris and I ended up beating David and Trisha... but it was pretty close between Trisha and David.  Trisha even got a hole in 1!!!  Matthew was the best baby ever and just sat in his stroller the whole time and watched us golf :)

Sunday Chris and I went off on our own in the morning while David, Trisha, and the kids went to church.  Chris and I went back to Newport and to the Tennis Hall of Fame, had a nice lunch on the water, and then took a drive on Ocean Drive to look at the huge houses on the water.

When they got back from church David, Chris, and I took Kaitlyn and Matthew to the park while Trisha made home made pizza for dinner.  We took a nice walk along the bike path to the water and then to the park.  Chris was so good with Kaitlyn, pushing her on the swings and even going down the slide with her.  Matthew loved the swings and was giggling every time David talked in his Cookie Monster voice.

Originally Chris and I had planned to stay through Monday and drive back in the afternoon.  But after the horrendous traffic Friday afternoon we decided to drive back Sunday night in hopes of a fast drive home.  We left Sunday at 7pm after eating the very yummy pizza.  The roads were definitely congested but moving... we got home by 10:30!  We had a fabulous time this weekend but were definitely ready for a lazy day off after a busy weekend with the kids.  Monday was going well until the power went out AGAIN!  Chris and I were really annoyed.  We were in the middle of watching tennis and I had a load of towels in the wash.  When we called JCP&L the recording said they hoped to have it back by 7pm tonight.  Thankfully they were wrong and it was back on in half an hour.  We are not looking forward to going back to work after having 5 days off, but so is life.  Goodbye Summer 2011... it was fun while it lasted!

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