The Adventure Starts Here: Ending our trip in Los Angeles

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ending our trip in Los Angeles

Our last stop on our vacation was Los Angeles.  We arrived in LA at the Andaz hotel around 3pm to check in and drop our bags off.  While we still had the car we drove down to Rodeo Drive.  We got back to the hotel in time for a drink on the rooftop pool... once again we had some gorgeous views.

A couple months before our trip Chris read an article about a cool restaurant in L.A. called Son of a Gun.  So Chris did some research and we decided we should definitely go.  The article said that the restaurant only had about 55 seats, and about 35 were for reservations and the rest were first come but had to sit at a large communal table.  So Chris called right away but was told they only took reservations one month before.  Thankfully Chris is a planner and had a notification remind him to call 1 month before.  Good thing he did because Son of a Gun was packed and had amazing food!  It was all smaller plates intended for sharing.  We ordered the Shrimp Toast, Lobster Roll, Mahi Mahi Dip, and a Fried Chicken Sandwich... all which were amazing!  

Friday morning we decided to get up early and watch the sunrise from the rooftop.  We aren't ones to usually get up at 6am for these kind of things, but when you have that kind of view, you kind of have to.  

After breakfast we decided to head back to Rodeo Drive.  Chris was excited when he saw this fancy and expensive car... $1.7 Million.  I can never imagine spending that much on a car... and if so why would you get it to look like a yellow bumble bee.

When in L.A. we were excited to do all the typical touristy things, so we made a reservation to have lunch at the Ivy.  We were hoping to see a celebrity, but even with sitting outside, we saw no one!  We did hear though that 2 days earlier Sofia Vergara was there.

Friday afternoon we had gotten tickets for a live taping of the show "Melissa and Joey".  It seems like not many people have heard of it but it's our little guilty pleasure show on ABC Family.  We had to get there for 4pm, the show started taping at 5pm, and we were there til 9pm.  Unfortunately they don't let you take any pictures while in the taping, but we had an absolute blast.  The show was really funny and Joey Lawrence did some funny dancing in between takes.  

Saturday was the last day of our vacation.  We got picked up early for a Warner Bros VIP Tour.  It was a super cool tour that took us through the Warner Brothers Lot and some sound stages.  The highlight for me was seeing the old Friends' set of Central Perk.  It was super cool to see and we even got to sit on the couch!  We also got to go on the sound stage of the Mentalist and Big Bang Theory.  It was a really fun tour :)

The last thing on our list of things to do in L.A. was to go to Hollywood Boulevard and see the Walk of Fame.  The street was closed down to cars because they were getting ready for a Cirque de Soleil Event on Sunday.  Of course, when we got back home we kept hearing about celebrities that were there for the event... we missed everything!  We did get to walk down and find some cool celebrities on the Walk of Fame... Journey being Chris' favorite :)

Saturday night we had a quick dinner at the House of Blues before catching our flight home from LAX. We had booked our flights using frequent flier miles and were lucky enough to be able to get First Class seats.  It was my first time flying first class so I was super excited.  We had a connecting flight through Philly, but it was worth it to have first class for the red eye.  I still would never call sleeping on a plane comfortable, but at least it was better than doing it in coach.  

Needless to say our vacation to California was amazing!  Though since it was such a busy vacation, when we got back to NJ I felt like I needed another vacation to relax before going back to work.  But such is life :)

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