The Adventure Starts Here: Driving down the PCH

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Driving down the PCH

After Chris and I left San Francisco on Wednesday, we drove down the PCH.  We had the car for 2 days and a hotel reserved in Monterey.  It was a little cloudier and foggier than I would have liked, but the drive was still a lot of fun with it's very windy roads and breathtaking views.

It took a few hours to get to Monterey, and as soon as we got there we stopped at the visitors' center to get some information on the 17-mile drive.  The drive was really cool and besides stopping at some cool look out points, we also were able to go to the Pebble Beach Golf Course.  Too bad it's $500 to play, cause that would be a cool experience.   After doing the 17-mile drive, we headed to Carmel.  It was a very cute town with lots of little shops.  If it was nicer weather we would have gone to the beach, but at that point it was a little chilly.

That afternoon we checked into our hotel in Monterey.  The Hyatt there is on a golf course, and when Chris told them that we were on this trip for our 1 year anniversary, they upgraded us to a suite.  It was gorgeous and had 2 bathrooms!  We were right on the golf course... too bad we weren't staying there for more than one night.

That evening we drove down to Cannery Row in Monterey to explore a little and have dinner.  It also was a cute little town, so we explored the shops and went into an antique store.  We were hoping to find an old road sign of CA 1 or something like that, but we had no luck.  With the help of Yelp we found a nice place for dinner... The Sardine Factory.  Based on the outside of the restaurant and the name, we never would have expected it to be a fancy steak place without reading about it on Yelp.

Thursday we got up super early to start our 6 hour drive from Monterey down to LA.  Again the weather wasn't great, but we still went on the scenic drive of Route 1.  We drove through Big Sur and I really wish we could have seen more, but the fog was thick.

We hit Santa Barbara around lunchtime, so we decided to drive into town and have lunch at this cute little sandwich place called "Three Pickles".  The name jumped out at us because of Chris' love for pickles.  Chris was getting a little nervous about time because we had to have the car returned to Hertz in LA by 6pm and we've heard how bad the LA traffic can be.   So instead of continuing down Route 1 and driving through Malibu and Santa Monica, we took the faster route on Highway 101.  Thankfully we got to LA in plenty of time.


  1. You know I had to read this post- you're in my Hometown!!! We were just on Cannery Row (and the Aquarium) on Wednesday and that sign never gets old. I hope you do visit again, I would love to meet up with you :)

  2. Monterey is really good place for staying and relaxing as well as for different activities to do. You visit Cannery Row and it is quite good place but I think you should have visited more place there. It would add more fun to your trip. By the way nice pics. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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