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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Summer Fun

Chris and I had a fairly busy week.  One of the big things that happened this week was that we finally sold Chris' Infiniti G35.  We had decided to sell it since we haven't been using the car since we got married and we don't even park it at our apartment since we don't want to pay to park two cars in our garage.  Chris literally walks out of our apartment and is on the platform to the train to NYC.  As a result we really didn't need two cars.  It took a few months to find a buyer, but we finally did.  Thursday, Chris and I headed over to my parents to meet up with the buyer and exchange the title for the check :)  I know that Chris is a little sad to see his car go, but we know it's the right decision.  It served it's purpose while we were dating... it definitely impressed me lol.  

Saturday Chris and I had planned to spend the day at the pool, but when the sun still hadn't come out by noon, we decided to call it a day.  Instead we headed to Chris' parents' house for lunch and then to go mini golfing.  We had wanted to do it all summer so we were glad we were able to finally find the time to go.  It was really humid but still fun.  The rain held off while we played and started just as we finished the last hole... we were very fortunate!

Sunday we were able to go to the pool all day... it was very hot!  Usually we just jump in the water every once in a while, but Sunday we instead stood in the water with our books so we could stay cool while reading.

Sunday night we were lucky enough to have some very special visitors.  We had met Fredrik and Fredrik on our New Year's Cruise in 2009.  They are from Sweden, but since they travel so much (they've been on around 37 cruises!), when they said they would be in the New York area, we decided to plan a get together.  They came down to Morristown and we took them to dinner at Pazzo Pazzo.  It was pretty hot eating outside, but good food and conversation made it worth it.

Since there's only a month left of the summer, I'm glad that Chris and I are actually doing the things that we had on our Summer To Do List.  Only a few things left :)

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