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Sunday, August 28, 2011

One Year Ago...

One year ago today, on Saturday, August 28, 2010, Chris and I were married.  Sometimes I feel like we've been together longer and other times I feel like our wedding was just yesterday!   We had so much fun getting ready with our friends and we were so happy that the weather was nice so that we could have the ceremony outside on the deck.  When I think of the party and look at all the pictures, I wish we could have another one just like it every year :)

What a difference 1 year makes in respects to the weather!  Originally we had planned to go out to dinner Sunday night to celebrate, but since we knew the hurricane was coming, we went Friday night instead.  We went to Capital Grille and had a delicious meal :)

Sunday, August 28th we lost power at 6:30 am.  We put some perishable items into the cooler and then decided since there was nothing else to do that we would go back to sleep.  I think it was the latest we have ever slept in til... almost noon!  Finally it was light in our apartment without having to use flashlights and candles, so we exchanged our anniversary gifts and took out our wedding cake.

As I've heard from most people, the wedding cake one year later really isn't any good.  It was much easier to cut than I expected (I really thought it would be so hard and stale that a knife wouldn't go through it).  Fortunately and unfortunately there were no fresh strawberries in the top layer of our cake, so it was just vanilla cake with chocolate mousse.  Technically there was nothing wrong with the cake but it wasn't good enough to actually eat a slice.  So we took one bite each to complete the tradition and then threw the rest out.

After that we packed up our laptops and headed over to my parents' house where they have power.  We had to take a slightly different route to get onto 287, but once on the highway everything was fine.  Morristown itself is out of power and no traffic lights were working, so it was a little crazy with all the confusing traffic going on.  Thankfully my parents have power and even if it does go out they have a generator.  If we didn't get down here we would have been so bored and I wouldn't have been able to post this blog :)

We hope that everyone stayed safe during Hurricane Irene and that the clean up isn't too much.

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