The Adventure Starts Here: Chris' guest blog - anniversary edition

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Chris' guest blog - anniversary edition

Rare guest blog fom Chris......

Wow, hard to believe it's been a year since the wedding.   I still remember checking the weather almost hourly the few days leading up to the wedding, because of the outdoor ceremony.   True, we did have a backup indoor plan for the ceremony, but it wouldn't have been nearly as nice, so that was our last resort.   Much to our delight, it turned out being a perfect day and it allowed us to have the fairytale wedding that Meghan and her mom so perfectly planned.   Fast forward to a year later, and Meghan and I cannot believe it's been a full year already.   With Hurricane Irene still leaving lasting effects from it's destruction, Meghan and I can quietly celebrate our one year anniversary and look back on all of the great moments and highlights from the past year.   We've been to RI, NY, PA, DC, Bermuda, etc, and have had many enjoyable and lasting memories, and the future year has all the makings of an even more exciting year for us!   Unfortunately my mom cannot refer to us as "newlyweds" anymore.   :(  I hope she's not too heartbroken!   haha   I love you Meghan!   Thanks for an amazing past year!

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