The Adventure Starts Here: Aimee and Mark get MARRIED!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Aimee and Mark get MARRIED!

On Saturday, August 27th Chris and I went to Aimee and Mark's Wedding.  We were getting worried about the weather, but the day of they were able to move the reception up so that we got home before the storm was expected to start.  The ceremony was at a Ukrainian Catholic Church in Passaic at 2pm.  It was interested to see the different traditions that Ukrainians have in weddings.  The father of the bride does not walk the bride down the aisle... instead the couple walk down together.  They also get crowned and walk around in a circle three times together during the ceremony.  

The cocktail hour was originally supposed to start at 6:30, but because of the hurricane, it began at 4pm. The food was amazing, and we definitely ate too much.  Then we went into the main room and had a blast.  We were seated at a table with all of Chris' friends and it was a lot of fun.

You put some Bon Jovi on at a New Jersey Wedding... and EVERYONE goes CRAZY!

It was a great wedding... Congratulations Aimee and Mark!  Have fun on your Honeymoon!

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