The Adventure Starts Here: July 4th Weekend!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

July 4th Weekend!

I just realized I had never posted about our July 4th weekend.  I'm used to posting on Sunday night, but I guess with having Monday off I was out of my normal routine.  Friday was Canada Day... yay for Canada.  Chris had the day off (lucky him) and I got out of work at 2pm :)  We went to dinner at Aikou in Morristown.  We met up with Chris' coworker Danielle and her fiance Mike at the restaurant and then headed over to George and Martha's afterwards for drinks and dessert.  We had wanted to go for a while because they have these new Watermelon Cocktails, and we know how much Chris is obsessed with watermelon!  When we got there and saw the dessert choices, we knew we had to have the warm peanut butter cookie with ice cream and some chocolate milk.  The waitress must have thought we were crazy sitting at the bar eating cookies and chocolate milk on a Friday night!  

Saturday Chris and I spent the day at the pool.  That evening we headed over to Chris' friends Kelly and Allan's house for a BBQ.  We made a tomato and onion salad that we had learned to make at the cooking class... but we decided to add some mozzarella to it this time :)  I also baked some patriotic cupcakes... red velvet with vanilla icing and a blueberry on top.  They were definitely a hit at the BBQ!

Sunday we were hoping to spend the day at the pool, but the weather had a different idea.  The rain was a bummer, so instead we went to the mall and made a trifle to bring to my parents house for Sunday dinner.

Thank goodness Monday was a nice sunny day.  We headed down to the pool again and my friend Ashley decided to join us.  It was so hot that we had to jump in the pool every 10-15 minutes just to stay cool!  That night we headed over to the Flinns for a 4th of July BBQ/Dinner.

We hope everyone had a fun and safe 4th of July just like we did!

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