The Adventure Starts Here: Freel Family Cruise to Bermuda

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Freel Family Cruise to Bermuda

Chris and I just got back from the Freel Family Cruise today.  We didn't have great weather in Bermuda, but we still had so much fun with my family... especially Kaitlyn and Matthew!

Saturday we headed to lovely Bayonne to board the Explorer of the Seas.  We immediately got in our bathing suits and headed to the pool.   Kaitlyn loved swimming, but the water was really cold!

After spending some time at the pool we went back to our rooms to get ready for dinner and watch as the ship set sail.  I really liked that we had rooms with a balcony!

After dinner we went to the Welcome Show and then walked outside around the ship... it was super windy, but a lot of fun.  Trisha took Matthew in to go to sleep, but Chris had the great idea for the rest of us to check out the arcade.  Kaitlyn loved playing all the games with her dad... Mario Kart, Skee-ball, and Air Hockey!

Sunday we were at sea.   I loved being able to sit out on the balcony in the morning while Chris got ready.  It made the room feel a little bigger :)  The relaxing didn't last long though, cause then we met everyone for breakfast and went to the pool.

Kaitlyn tried going in the big pool with her dad, but the water was too cold for her... so she just walked away!

Ahh... the hot tub was more to her liking!

We then decided to go back up to the kids' pool and spent the rest of the day there.  They had the sprinkler working today and the slide was open as well.

They wouldn't let Matthew in the pool because of his diaper, but he had fun in this rainfall type pool!

They even had child size lounge chairs... too cute!

For lunch we all went to Johnny Rockets.  We got yummy burgers and milkshakes and enjoyed some music and dancing (by the waiters).

After lunch David took Kaitlyn on the big slide.  She had fun going on it a few times but then David figured out how to go super fast and it kind of scared her.  After David figured out how to go fast all the other dads wanted to try it on the line got really long!

That afternoon we took Kaitlyn mini golfing.  It's really hard to mini golf on a moving ship, but that didn't stop Kaitlyn.  She had her own gofling style... often just dragging the ball with the club and sometimes she'd even just pick up the ball and walk it closer to the hole.  The important thing was that she had a blast!

That night was formal night, so we all dressed up for dinner and the show.  We got our picture taken before dinner too.

Matthew was so well behaved at dinner every night.  Chris took this picture... it's how David would feed Matthew drinks :)

Kaitlyn (as well as the rest of us) really enjoyed dessert every night.  We had to put a big napkin over her dress since her ice cream was becoming soup like as it melted :)

Monday morning we docked in Bermuda.  Unfortunately it was very cloudy and raining.  We decided to alter our plans a little and take the ferry and bus to the Aquarium and Zoo.   Kaitlyn had a lot of fun taking pictures of everyone while we were on the ferry!

 Kaitlyn had a lot of fun at the Aquarium.  Her favorite was the shark!

That night at dinner grandma got Matthew some little tonka trucks.  He was playing with them while sitting on my lap, but instead of just driving them around he instead had fun throwing them off the table and watching Chris pick them all up!

Kaitlyn had fun telling secrets to her daddy all dinner.  I think she was just telling him that she liked the shark the best, but she thought it was more fun to tell him in a whisper.

After dinner we took a walk up to the front of the ship and got some nice pictures with Bermuda in the background.  It was such a nice calm night, even if it was a little windy.

Tuesday we were in Bermuda again... and it was raining once again :(  We had to discuss a change of plans for a while, but in the end we decided to hire a driver to take us around the island so we could explore Bermuda and stay dry at the same time.

Our driver was so nice... he stopped to get bread and then we went to feed the fish...

We drove by Horseshoe Beach, but we didn't go down onto it since it was raining.

For lunch we stopped at a nearby restaurant at a hotel located on the beach.  We had a great lunch, and after we ate the sun actually came out.   So we spent a little while playing on that beach, and then headed back toward the ship and went to the beach near there.   It was a little more crowded than we expected, but Kaitlyn and Matthew still had a really fun time!

That night the ship left Bermuda... of course right as the weather became beautiful.

That night we went to dinner with the family and then Chris and I went to the show.   After the show we were walking through the promenade and ran into my mom.  Apparently Kaitlyn couldn't fall asleep, so they brought her down for some pizza.  While eating a Disco Party started and of course Kaitlyn had to get up and dance.  When we got there she had me get up on stage with her to dance :)

Wednesday was our last day at sea and the weather was great!  We spent the whole day at the pool in the bright hot sun.   Kaitlyn had an adorable dress and hat that matched her bathing suit :)

David, Chris, and I took Kaitlyn in the pool.  Once you put two grown men into a kids' pool, they will figure out how to turn it more exciting.  Chris and David  figured out how to make the pool into a whirlpool... it was a lot of fun!

Matthew had fun with Trisha in the rain pool.  However, he did not like that hat at all!

After begging Kaitlyn to go down the slide again, she finally gave in and he promised to go slow this time!

That afternoon before dinner we went to see the Ice Skating Show... it was actually really good.

I guess being out in the sun ALL day really tired Kaitlyn out.  She was literally in my lap for about 10 minutes eating some bread at dinner and next thing I knew she was asleep!  She slept through the entire dinner and didn't wake up til about 9pm!   Chris and I went to the farewell show, and on our way out we went to see if we Kaitlyn would be up at the Promenade again eating some pizza.  It was very funny that we actually found David with both kids sitting and eating pizza (well Matthew was actually sleeping in the stroller).  David took Matthew up and Chris and I hung out with Kaitlyn in our room.  She had a blast jumping on our bed and she and Chris played a game where he'd fall off the bed and she would just start cracking up laughing... it kept her entertained for a very long time!

Thursday morning we got up early and had breakfast for the last time.  David, Trisha, the kids, Chris and I were all getting off the ship early with the Express Checkout so that the boys could go to work that day.  We had to carry our own luggage off, so Mom and Dad helped us out as long as they could.  They kept the rest of the luggage and got off the ship later that morning.

We had a blast this cruise and I'm so glad we got a week to spend with the family.  I really wish that Luke could have come, but he had school :(  Thanks to my parents for taking us all on this cruise... it's one to never forget!

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