The Adventure Starts Here: Friends, Cruising, and Learning to Cook!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Friends, Cruising, and Learning to Cook!

This weekend Chris and I were going non-stop.  Thank goodness the weather was just nice and pleasant instead of being so hot and sunny that we didn't really miss not be able to spend the whole weekend at the pool.  We were invited to do a lot of things this weekend that we had to say no to.  It's a shame when there are not enough hours in a day or more days off from work so we can do everything we want to do!

Friday night Chris and I went out to dinner with a couple in our building.  We became friends with them last summer when we met them at the pool.  They also got married last August (just like us), but at the end of the month they are moving out and since they bought a house in Bergen County.  We figured we should get together for dinner before they moved out.  We went for a nice dinner outside at Brick Oven, though it was a little chillier than we expected.

Saturday morning we drove to Lincoln Harbor in Weehawken to go on a Lunch Cruise around the New York Harbor.  For my bridal shower, my friend Marlaina (and bridesmaid) gave us a gift certificate to Spirit Cruises and we were finally able to use it!  It was a lot of fun and the sun came out right as we were boarding the boat :)  It was a 2 hour ride, with lunch and some narration of the sites around us.  On the top deck, once we figured out which direction to stand so that my hair wasn't blowing in my face, we were able to get some cool pictures.

This picture was taken before we figured out the correct place to stand with the wind!

.... that's better!

Chris always laughs at me because right after someone takes our picture I immediately have to crop it...

When we got off the boat we drove straight to Long Island to one of Chris' coworker and her husband's house for a BBQ with another couple.  They had invited us to come up earlier in the day so that the 3 boys could golf and the 3 girls could go to the beach.  But since we had the lunch cruise, we just went over a little later.  We had a really fun time... we played some corn hole, ate yummy food, and learned a new game called "Left, Right, Center".  Amy and Seth taught us all how to play... all you need is 3 dollars each and then there's 3 dice with L, R, C, and 3 dots on them.   You go around the table and roll the dice and depending on how they land you pass your dollars Left, Right, in the Center, or just get to keep them.  You keep going around until only one person has money left... that person wins the money in the center.  It's so simple but really fun and we all got pretty into it!

Sunday Chris and I went to do something we've never done before... we went to a cooking class!  For Christmas, Chris gave me a gift certificate to a cooking school in Westfield.  Since they would pair you up with a random person if you go alone, I made Chris sign up for a class with me.  We signed up for the Italian Boot Camp and spent Sunday from 12-4 learning to make some delicious food.  Chris and I were in charge of making the stuffed red peppers... they were amazing!

We were able to watch the first set of the Nadal Federer game before leaving, and since we definitely didn't want to miss it, we recorded it so we could watch the rest of the match when we got home.   We were very happy to find out that Nadal won!!!

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