The Adventure Starts Here: Roller Derby and Cookies!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Roller Derby and Cookies!

This weekend I was so happy to see some nicer weather... seemed more like Spring than Winter finally!   Friday night Chris stayed in to watch the Mets while I went to meet a friend for dinner and shopping... a great night for both of us :)

Saturday I had to work, but that night we went to dinner at Aikou with some of my friends.  After dinner we were off to see the Morristown Roller Derby.  We had never been before but a friend of mine has a friend that does it.  We had met some of the Roller Derby girls on St. Patty's Day and since then Chris and I thought it would be cool to see what it was all about.  

Sunday I decided to bake some Spring Sugar Cookies for my mom to take up to Kaitlyn and Matthew.   I got an icing recipe from a friend but since we are new to baking it was harder than I thought and took 2 tries to get the right consistency.  But once we figured it out we had some fun decorating bunnies, carrots, flowers, umbrellas, and Kait's favorite... the butterfly!

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