The Adventure Starts Here: Easter 2011

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2011

Easter was a lot of fun this year.  I was in California for work last week and I flew back on Good Friday night on the red eye.  I got back on Saturday morning at 5 AM, came back to the apartment and slept until 10 AM.  I was still tired, but I was really looking forward to seeing my niece and nephew.  Chris and I headed over to my parents' house and we spent the day doing all things Easter related.

First we dyed some Easter Eggs with Kaitlyn.  She had fun even though she got a little bored waiting for the eggs while in the cups of dye.

After decorating eggs we iced and decorated cupcakes that Trisha had baked the day before.  Kaitlyn really liked the sprinkles and Chris taught her a great trick of dipping the cupcakes right in a bowl of sprinkles.  David and Trisha even got involved with it... we all were very proud of our creations!

Chris was great with Kaitlyn.  He drove her around the house in her motorized car as much as she wanted and colored with her.  Kaitlyn enjoyed "styling my hair" and once the rain ended we went outside and played on her little tricycle.  She had fun trying to run me over with it and by the time the day was over we were both exhausted.  Matthew had a really cute t-shirt on too... it said "I Love My Auntie"!  I couldn't believe how big he was... the last time I saw him was at Christmas!  We got home Saturday night and just collapsed... after a long week in California and then playing with Kaitlyn and Matthew all day was fun by tiring.

 Sunday we got up early and headed back over to my parents' house.  The Easter Bunny visited Kaitlyn and Matthew and we watched Kaitlyn hunt for Easter Eggs around the house.  She also got a new tricycle... a real one this time.

We all went to church for Easter Sunday and after church we got a picture of the kids in their Easter outfits!

It was so warm outside after church that Kaitlyn got to change into some shorts and ride her new bike outside.  She really got the hang of the pedals by the end of it. 

Around 2pm Chris and I headed over to the Basking Ridge Country Club to meet Chris' family for Easter brunch.  We definitely ate too much and had a lot of fun!

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