The Adventure Starts Here: My Little Brother Came to Visit!

Friday, March 18, 2011

My Little Brother Came to Visit!

On Tuesday, Luke flew in from Chicago.  He's on Spring Break from Grad School so he came home for a few days.  I feel like Luke being home for 4 days is perfect... we are able to spend some time with him, he can get all his errands in (haircut, doctor, etc.) but it's not too long where he gets too bored of us :)

Wednesday night I was able to leave work by 7:30 and Chris and I headed down to Warren for a late dinner.  My mom made us pork chops and Luke had Seitan (vegan dish).

Friday we were all going to go to Legal Seafoods for dinner.  Chris and I wanted to take my dad there for a while (he loves seafood restaurants) and when I saw that they had a Vegan dish on their menu I suggested we go when Luke was home.  Unfortunately Thursday night Chris' eyes were both really red and looked infected.  We both thought it was pink eye, so he stayed home from work Friday and went to see the doctor.  She said that it wasn't pink eye but instead a bacteria in the eye.  She gave him some eye drops and in a couple hours it already looked better.  However we think he is still contagious and he felt really stuffed up (not related to the eye), so he stayed home while I met my parents and Luke at the restaurant.

During dinner I was asking Luke for suggestions on where to go in California.  Chris and I are planning a trip to San Franciso, Santa Barbara, and Los Angeles in September and since Luke just went last summer I figured I'd ask him what were must sees and what tourist spots weren't worth the time.  Dinner was yummy and it was nice to get to see Luke again before he flies back to Evanston/Chicago.  His flight is tomorrow and I'm guessing I won't see him next until this Summer at the earliest.  We will miss him :)

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