The Adventure Starts Here: Trip to California

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Trip to California

This past week I was in Carlsbad, California.  We flew into San Diego Sunday night and worked at the client's office for the entire week.  The weather was cold for what California usually is, but compared to New Jersey it was gorgeous to me!  Every day was around 60/62 degrees and sunny.  Though we didn't get to enjoy the pool at our hotel cause of the hours we did drive with the windows down and at lunch outside.  The little things that make me happy!

On the last day in California we went to San Diego for lunch at this authentic, hole in the wall mexican restaurant.  Two of the guys from the client (who live in Mexico) took us there.  It was very bare bones but really delicious!  After lunch we went by the water to walk around and then hang out at this restaurant/bar until our 9:30 pm flight home.

I was not looking forward to the red eye home especially considering that after landing at 5 am that we had to go to work that day.  I was exhausted but I made it through the day.  I'm now home for a week and head back out to California for another client the next week.

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