The Adventure Starts Here: January 2011

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

January 2011

Chris and I really enjoyed our time off from work around the holidays, but then came the new year and we had to get back to reality and into our regular schedule again. We've had a lot of fun so far despite it being so cold!

On New Year's Day we made some snacks and got ready to watch Penn State in the Outback Bowl. We let our neighbor Jason come over to watch too, even though he was a Florida fan! Too bad Penn State lost :(

As many of you know, New Jersey has been getting a lot of snow lately. But since it hasn't closed my office at all, it's really just a pain! Here's the view of our pool with all the snow!

It seems that all of our friends who were busy over the holidays were ready to get together and catch up over some amazing food in January. We have been filling our weekends with dinners with all of our different friends... one night was with Elena and Brian. It was the first time we saw them since their wedding in December.... we had a blast!

So when we started getting a bunch of Christmas cards this holiday and we had them all over our kitchen counter/bar stool eating space, we realized we needed a better system for next year. I found this cool card holder at Pottery Barn and decided to order it now so that we could keep all of our Birthday cards, Invitations, and Thank You cards in a convenient place. We are looking forward to next year when we can display our Christmas cards for everyone to see while still having our kitchen counter to use!

One of the perks of my new job is that my boss (as well as the other partners) often get offered free tickets to sporting events. So when my boss couldn't use the Devil's luxury box tickets, he offered to them to whoever was interested at the office. Luckily, with the football playoffs on, not many people wanted them, and as a result I got them! Chris really only cared about the Jets Steelers game so he was all for going to the 3pm hockey game :) Let me just say that after you go to a game in a luxury box, it will be hard to go and sit in regular seats again. It was so cool to have all you can eat (and free) food right there, carpet and padded seats, and a clean and empty bathroom nearby!

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