The Adventure Starts Here: Snow and Birthdays

Friday, December 31, 2010

Snow and Birthdays

This year for Chris and his dad's birthdays I decided to arrange a little party/get together for the Flinn family. Originally we were supposed to do it on Tuesday the 28th, but then the big Flinn cousins party was scheduled for that night, so we moved it to Sunday the 26th. The snow almost cancelled it, but fortunately we were able to still have it... just earlier in the day and just with Chris' parents (Justin couldn't come down with the snow). I would love to do an actual dinner party at the apartment, but we just don't have the room (or a real dining table), so instead I did appetizer type stuff, then we headed over to a restaurant across the street, then came back for gifts and cake. It turned out to be a lot of fun though very different from the original plans. Fortunately his parents were able to leave our apartment before the snow got too heavy :)

The appetizer display... we used Chris' new Penn State platter :)

The first birthday cake I've made... Red Velvet (per Chris' request)

The birthday boys blowing out their candles

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