The Adventure Starts Here: The Rangers Win!

Friday, December 31, 2010

The Rangers Win!

For Chris' birthday (yes it does really stink to have to think of two gifts for him within 5 days of each other!) I got him tickets to see the Rangers play the Devils in Newark. We once again decided to drive, since we found out there was no direct train to Newark Penn Station from Morristown. The drive was easy though and we got to park 2 minutes from the arena... so we were thrilled with our decision. The seats were decent, but when we had a tall guy sitting in front of us that leaned forward making it impossible to see any action in the middle of the ice, we were very glad that we could move our seats up. One of Chris' friends had 3rd row seats right behind the goalie. After the first period he said that there were some empty seats, so he was able to get us down there with his brothers' tickets. So for the next 2 periods we sat 6th row (and we were able to spot ourselves on TV the next day... can't prove it, but we know it was us!). There was a great fight at our goal, so that was super cool. I've never seen a hockey fight that close up and heard how loud they really hit the glass! The Rangers ended up winning 3-1... so it was a great night!

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