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Friday, December 31, 2010

I Want to Rock....

So Monday, despite the crazy amount of snow, Chris and I ventured into NYC to see Rock of Ages. Originally we wanted to head in for lunch, go to this place called Eataly that Chris had heard of. It's by Mario Batali and apparently it's a grocery store with a bunch of restaurants that's all italian. Then we wanted to go to the Tommy Store, the tree, and to Bryant park to possibly go ice skating. But when the snow hit and the winds came, we decided to ammend those plans and just do Tommy, the tree, dinner and the show. We were tempted to just take the train in fear of the roads, but we decided to be brave so that we didn't have to wait in Penn Station late at night for the next train to arrive. Well... 78 was horrible! I don't even know if a plow came! As we were driving in the horrible snow in my little 2 door Honda Civic, we were thinking, let's go to Secaucus and take the train from there. Fortunately once we got on the turnpike the roads were clear and great, so we continued onto NYC in the car like planned. NYC wasn't great, but definitely doable. Later we were very glad we drove when we heard that our trains had stopped running. We would have had to walk to Port Authority instead, take the Path to Hoboken, and then a train home from there.... it would have been a disaster.

So we got to NYC around 3/3:30, parked the car near the theater, bundled up, and started walking over to the Tommy Store. It was freezing and I couldn't have been happier when we finally got to the store. There were some amazing deals and then his discount on top of it... I got three tops :) We then hit the tree and got our annual picture in front of it.

It was only 5 at this point and I had enough of the cold. But since our reservation wasn't until 6, we decided to stop at a place nearby for a drink and appetizer. It was right next door to the restaurant, so from 5 o'clock on I just continued walking down the one street, each place right next to each other :)

Dinner was great... had some great Caprese, Pasta, and Berries with cream for dessert! Then we headed next door to Rock of Ages. We saw it in August 2009, and Chris loved it so much that after asking him numerous times what he wanted for Christmas he finally caved and told me he wanted to see Rock of Ages again. He was all excited that Dee Snider (from Twisted Sister) was gonna be in it, but of course his last show was on the 23rd... missed him by just a few days :( The show was great (though the original cast was better) and we were glad that we risked the snow to come in. Merry Christmas Chris!

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