The Adventure Starts Here: Happy Birthday Chris!

Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Chris!

Chris turned 33 on December 30th... so Thursday was his day! Every time he asked if we could do something, my answer would be, "well of course, it is your day". Well Chris loved this and ended up having a great day. I made him some scrambled eggs for breakfast, we went to the mall and had some California Pizza Kitchen for lunch, we did a little shopping, and came home and relaxed a bit. But the real fun was at night when we met his friends at Chili's for dinner and then headed across the street for some bowling. Our luck... it was $1 games that night! We ended up having to wait for leagues to end and started bowling later than we thought, but it was a really fun night! I started off horribly at bowling and for the first game actually gave up. But thankfully Aimee wouldn't give up on me and she gave me some pointers. I'm not gonna say I was a pro at the end but at least I was hitting some pins down! Can I just say though that Chris' friends are some really good bowlers! I'm used to going with people that have good and bad games depending on the day, but they put me to shame! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRIS!

Chris got a Turkey... I guess this is him trying to make an X lol.

Look at that form... Chris is great at taking the action shots!

I'm so happy I got a spare! The little things make me happy :)

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