The Adventure Starts Here: Christmas 2010 - Part II

Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas 2010 - Part II

For real Christmas this year, we split it up between the Freels and the Flinns. Chris and I started our "winter vacation" on Christmas Eve and we are off until January 3rd... YAY!!! Christmas Eve we headed over to the Flinn house for lunch and cookie baking. I got to see the tradition in action of making the Christmas knots... it was hilarious to see Chris get his hands stuck in the very sticky batter. I wish I had a picture but since my hands were equally dirty, the camera was staying in my purse. That evening we headed over to the Freel house (love that they are only 15 minutes apart) for Christmas Eve dinner. This was Luke's last night in NJ (heading to Toronto Christmas night) so it was me and Chris, my parents, and Luke for dinner. Dinner was great and then we made Chris watch Elmo's Christmas Countdown (our new little tradition) and the Grinch (the Jim Carey version). After some present opening, we figured the night was complete and headed back to Morristown where my head hit the pillow hard!

The Christmas Eve dinner feast :)

Christmas morning Chris and I exchanged our gifts on our own at the apartment. We had our little tree, and a few gifts to exchange. Chris and I were so concerned about getting something the other person really wanted, that our largest gift turned out to not be a surprise. When we realized that what we love about Christmas is surprising the other person, we decided to set a price limit and get each other 3-4 smaller gifts that had to be complete surprises. Some of Chris' gifts included some headphones so he can watch TV after I've gone to be (I'm a grandma with how early I go to bed... I've actually taken on the nickname of Grandma Freel!) and a Penn State platter for entertaining. Chris surprised me with a gift certificate so we can go take a cooking class... I'm so excited for this! Our big gifts (that we knew about) was a gorgeous Tiffany necklace to match the earring he gave me for the Wedding and tickets to see Rock of Ages again (that's what happens when you marry a guy who grew up in the 80s lol).

After opening our gifts we headed back over to the Flinn house for all the usual Christmas celebrations. Justin made the fire... the yule log on TV just wasn't cutting it for him. Justin acted as Santa (as I learned he is every year) and passed out all the gifts to everyone. We had blueberry pancakes and then waited for the rest of the guests to arrive. Chris' Aunt Doreen came over with her boyfriend Paulie and then the Flinn's friend Joanne came over. We had a nice relaxed Christmas... I even got a short nap :) Dinner was great... I'm learning that Italian Christmas dinners are different than my family's. My family basically does a second Thanksgiving for Christmas (which I love!), but I learned that Italians are more into Chicken, Fish, and Pasta... all of which are very yummy! I love learning the traditions of different families... now to decide which ones I will pass on with our future family :)

Justin's fire... so proud!

Justin and Paulie... they became best friends :)

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