The Adventure Starts Here: Thanksgiving

Monday, November 29, 2010


Once again my parents, Chris, and I headed up to Rhode Island. We went this past weekend for Thanksgiving and had a blast! Thursday morning David held a game of flag football. Chris also played, and I took Kaitlyn to watch and cheer them on. It was pretty cold out, so we bundled up. Kaitlyn even got out on the field and "played" a little. She really liked being part of the huddle :)

My mom captured Chris and me in our "natural habitat"

For Thanksgiving dinner we decided to go out instead of cooking. Since David and Trisha's place is getting a little tight with two kids now, it's hard to cook a massive dinner and for 6 adults and 2 kids to all sit around the table to eat. We went to Ruth's Chris (yes, I guess we do go there a lot!) and enjoyed a turkey dinner with out the stress of cooking and cleaning!

Kaitlyn, who skipped her nap that day was exhausted and fell asleep in the car on the way home from the restaurant. Since it was only 7pm, we let her sleep on me downstairs hoping she might wake up... we figured if she went to bed that early she wouldn't make it through the night and would be waking her parents up at an ungodly hour.

Friday Chris and I took Kaitlyn to see Tangled. It was her second time going to a movie at the theater, and she did great! She was such a good girl and sat on Chris' lap for about 75% of the movie. She spent the last part of it sitting on the step of the stadium seating.

Saturday we took Kaitlyn to go candlepin bowling. We thought she might have some fun, but never knew how much of a hit it would be. We got 2 lanes for the group of us and after she rolled the first ball, we knew that she'd be bowling by herself, and the rest of us on the other lane. She seemed to simply like throwing the ball down the lane and really couldn't care less how many pins she knocked down. Often she would even throw the second ball down the lane before the first ball knocked down any pins... it was like speed bowling! I can't believe how big she's getting and that we can finally take her to do a bunch of fun things when we come to visit now :)

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