The Adventure Starts Here: Our Honeymoon - Venice

Friday, September 17, 2010

Our Honeymoon - Venice

Chris' parents gave us our Honeymoon to Italy as our wedding gift... it was so generous of them! If you want to see ALL our pictures, they are on Facebook... but here are the highlights :)

We flew out of Newark on the Sunday night after the Wedding. We were tired but so excited to be going away for almost 2 weeks! We had a connecting flight in Germany, and everything went okay except that the flight from Germany to Venice had us sitting in completely different rows. When we booked the flight we picked seats next to each other, but apparently they just like to change those kind of things and seat people randomly! I was seated next to a family of 3, so they didn't want to move seats and Chris sat next to people who didn't speak English, so for the 2 hour flight we were on our own. We arrived in Venice around 1pm and took the Vaporetto from the airport to Venice Island where our hotel was. We were able to check in right away and since we were very jetlagged, we just unpacked and took a nap. We had an amazing dinner at the hotel restaurant and then we went out to explore San Marco Square. At night in the square they have live music. The first night we just stood and listened to it. We decided to come back another night and actually have dessert and a drink and sit down. In Italy (well at least the cities we went to) there is often an extra fee just for sitting down!

The next day, Tuesday, our plan was to get up, have breakfast at our hotel (included) and then explore the city and go on a free tour (provided by our hotel) to Murano to see a glass blowing factory. Well I guess I turned off the alarm, cause we didn't wake up til 11! I guess we were more tired than we thought! Instead we just wandered around the city and had lunch on the water. After lunch we went back to San Marco square and somehow snook into the basilica without really waiting in line or paying. Chris' amazing skills of sneaking in with a random tour group. We walked around the basilica and got some cool shots from the balcony that overlooked the square. We also took the vaporetto that is basically the bus (but on water) that takes you up the entire Grand Canal. It's really just public transportation but it's also a cool way to get some shots of the Canal.

That night after dinner we went back to San Marco Square and sat down and enjoyed dessert and drinks while listening to the music. The gelato dessert was massive... but don't worry, we still finished every bit!

At dinner we got the classic ring shot :)

Wednesday we actually did go to Murano to the glass blowing factory. It was interesting and nice to take a water taxi over to the island, but the glass was SOOO expensive. When I was there with Luke we were able to buy some reasonably priced souvenirs. We saw a vase we liked and it was 1,500 Euros!!! Umm, yeah right! Instead we decided to come back to Venice Island and look for some cheaper things made from Murano glass. After some serious searching we found a reasonably price teal colored glass vase. We also got Chris' parents and ourselves some Christmas tree ornaments. Since this was our last day in Venice, we were very adamant to go on a gondola ride. Chris, the master negotiator, played hard ball (we even walked away a few times) and in the end got a great ride for a good price.

Next city is Florence... stay tuned for that post :)

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  1. I would love to go Italy and eat my way through! Looking nice and golden there lady ;)


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