The Adventure Starts Here: Our Honeymoon- Rome

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Our Honeymoon- Rome

Sunday we left Florence to go to Rome. When I bought all the train tickets I just selected the cities from drop down menus. So when we went to the Florence train station that we had arrived in 3 days prior we thought everything would go smoothly. But when we couldn't find our train number on the board, we got a little worried. Chris went and asked customer service and we were told that our ticket was for a train that went from the OTHER Florence train station! Who knew there were 2 train stations in Florence. Fortunately since we got there super early we were able to catch the local train (that left at most 5 minutes later) that took us to the correct Florence train station and they let us get on it for no charge thank goodness. So while it was a little crazy for a while we were able to catch our correct train in the end. Good thing the train wasn't full because our bags had gotten a lot heavier and Chris was having a hard time fitting my massive suitcase above our seats. So instead we switched seats and were able to put the suitcase in the empty seat next to us :)

In Rome we had planned to drop our luggage off at the hotel and hop on a bus tour right away. But fortunately when we got to the hotel our room was ready super early so we were able to check in. We had some problems with the bus tour and had to wait 2 hours before we could get a spot on it (the Rome one was way more popular than the Florence one). So in the meantime we went and grabbed lunch. That night we decided to go over to the Barberini area and have dinner at a restaurant one of Chris' coworkers had recommended. It was on a random street and there was no way we would have found it unless we were looking for it. Before we actually ate, we walked over to the Trevi fountain and made a wish in the fountain. It was very crowded, so not romantic like you hope. At dinner they had this guitar player singing to some of the guests. At first we thought it was a party or something, but it just turned out to be a tour group. It was very entertaining getting to listen to him play and his songs were pretty funny since he would sing a song based on where the tourist was from. One was from South Africa and he actually started singing "In the Jungle"!!!

The Trevi Fountain

Making a wish in the fountain

My turn now

Chris thought the exit signs in Italy were absolutely hilarious. So in our Rome hotel he decided to get a picture of himself imitating the sign. Pretty funny if you ask me :)

Monday morning we woke up early and headed over to the Vatican for our tour. Our tour guide was great and I got a lot out of it even though it was my 3rd time there :) That afternoon we headed over to the Coliseum and took a tour there as well. While walking down to the Coliseum we stopped to get gelato and found the BEST caramel gelato and they even offered us whip cream (not common at the gelato places we went to). It was Chris' favorite gelato of the trip by far! By the end of the day I was absolutely exhausted from our day full of sight seeing. Chris however is the energizer bunny and never got tired! But I kept going and that night we went for a drink at Hard Rock before dinner and walked over to the Spanish Steps. Chris was so cute and bought me some roses at the steps and then we went to a nice dinner outside :)

Chris at the Vatican

Me at the Vatican

after the tour we mailed some postcards from Vatican City

at the Coliseum

the roses Chris got me :)

at dinner

Tuesday we had another early morning tour... the Angels and Demons tour. We had seen the movie and was excited to see all the sites that were in the movie. It was very interesting and our tour guide, Massimo, was very enthusiastic, but by the end we were exhausted and hungry! We stopped by the Forum and Palatine Hill on the way home, but Chris could tell I was extremely tired so we headed back to the hotel early. That night we just stayed close by for dinner and watched some US Open. This whole trip we've been making sure to watch tennis while getting ready for dinner (because of the time difference we could watch the day matches at 6pm every day).

Chris loved this little car we saw... he said it looked like a toy!

Chris made us go back to the Coliseum so he could get this shot... it's from the Gladiator

We loved our time in Rome, but it was very busy and we barely had any time just to relax like we were able to in Venice and Florence. Next stop is the Amalfi Coast!


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