The Adventure Starts Here: Visiting Kaitlyn in Rhode Island

Monday, August 23, 2010

Visiting Kaitlyn in Rhode Island

I went to visit Kaitlyn, David, and Trisha at the end of July in Rhode Island. I went up on Sunday night, and Monday I watched Kait while Trisha and David went to work. It was a lot of fun, but it's also a tiring day! I decided to be the fun aunt and take Kait to McDonald's for lunch as a treat. It was kind of hard taking her by myself cause I had to make sure she didn't run off while I was in line, ordering, and carrying the food to the table, all while holding a squirmy girl's hand! She was really good though and even got some ice cream (or cold cream as she calls it) for dessert :)

Kait at McDonalds

That night when Trisha got home from work we took Kait to the park. She is such a big girl now! Much different than when I would go to the park with her last year!

Tuesday Trisha and I took Kait to the beach. She had so much fun splashing in the waves with me. When the big waves came she would jump up on me and cling to my legs like a monkey! We then took Kait on the merry go round... she just kept saying "Horsey go up and down"!

Kait with her daddy after we had dinner at Outback

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