The Adventure Starts Here: Kaitlyn (and Trisha and David) Visits!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Kaitlyn (and Trisha and David) Visits!

This past weekend Trisha brought Kaitlyn down to visit us in NJ. Trisha was coming down for my bridal shower, so we got to spend 4 days with our little princess! They came down on Wednesday night, we shopped, played, and Friday we went to Chris' pool (at his apartment). She had a blast!

Saturday was the bridal shower... but that will be a different post. Kaitlyn however got to go back to Chris' pool, but this time with her daddy, papa, and Chris. She had fun with some of her favorite men.

Sunday was Father's Day, and we all went to church. Kaitlyn put on her Tommy dress and matching purse that Chris and I got her. She was so adorable!

After church we had a nice Father's Day lunch for David and my dad. Here's a cute picture of Kaitlyn with her daddy! We taught her how to say Happy Father's Day... it was adorable!

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