The Adventure Starts Here: An Amazing Weekend!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

An Amazing Weekend!

This weekend was great... all I can really say to sum it up. It started out as a normal weekend, Chris and I just hung out and watched the Olympics Friday night, and Saturday we were planning to go to dinner with my parents to celebrate my birthday (since I'd be in Pittsburgh for work on my actual birthday). But Saturday morning, before I was about to leave for work, I decided to check to see if for some reason my CPA - Regulation score was posted. I didn't tell Chris I was even looking, but when I saw my score was posted, and that I had passed... I freaked out and just started yelling, "I PASSED!!!". I immediately had to call my mom and tell her and my dad the great news. It's so exciting because this is the 4th and last part that I had to pass in order to finally become a CPA. I passed my first exam in October 2008 and you have 18 months to pass all of them before you start losing credit. It's been a long journey and required a lot of hard work.

So now my birthday dinner turned into a celebration of me passing the CPA exam! It made my day and weekend so much better because it means I don't need to spend the month of May studying for the exam again and I can breathe a sigh of relief!

At Ruth's Chris celebrating my birthday and me becoming a CPA!

Now we are watching the USA vs. Canada Hockey Game and Chris is cheering for USA and my parents and I are cheering for Canada! So if Canada wins this will definitely be the PERFECT weekend!

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