The Adventure Starts Here: Engagement Announcement

Friday, January 8, 2010

Engagement Announcement

Our engagement has been officially announced.

So here's a little back story... when you submit your announcement to the newspaper, they don't really let you write it. I guess they are worried some people don't know how to look up past examples and write it from there, so instead they make you just put all your information on a form and they write it for you. Well we did that and the first time they printed it they had the wrong city for where Chris went to school. Normally not a big deal, but since there are so many Penn State campuses he wanted it changed. Also, the first time the heading read "Meghan Freel plans to marry Chris Flinn". To all of us this sounded like I had a plan that Chris didn't know about lol. So Chris wrote to the newspaper to have them correct the city of his school and they re-ran it and the heading changed without us even mentioning it.

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