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Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Wow... I totally forgot that I had yet to post about Christmas! Christmas was fantastic this year. David, Trisha, Kaitlyn, and Luke all came to visit! Luke came down the Monday before Christmas, so I got to spend some one on one time with him. Then David, Trisha, and Kait came down on the 23rd. We had Christmas Eve dinner and Chris came over for that. We had a great turkey dinner and then we did the Nativity. We tell the story of baby jesus, dress up as all the characters, and my dad plays the guitar while we sing all the christmas songs. We hadn't done it in many years, but with Kaitlyn being at a fun age we decided to start it up again. Kait was Mary and she was adorable with the little baby doll Jesus. When we sang songs she would hold the piece of paper and pretend to read it and sing her own little words... it was priceless!

Luke and Kait had fun playing a game with the Christmas lights! It was nice to see them playing since Luke hadn't seen her since August!

I finally got a good shot with Kait where's she's actually looking and stopped moving!

Christmas morning we got up early and opened presents. Kaitlyn was very excited that Santa came. Santa brought her a car and a basketball hoop. She walked down the stairs to see all the presents and these 2 great gifts from Santa and the first thing she saw and said was "BALL". We all laughed... and fortunately I have it on video tape!

Later that night I went over for Christmas dinner at the Flinn's and my family came over for dessert. We were able to finally get a proper family picture! And this year I was in my family's picture as well as my future family's picture!

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