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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Holiday Party

This past Saturday was Rothstein Kass's Holiday Party... so that's where Chris and I were on Saturday night. But earlier that day we were of course doing wedding stuff. We were supposed to get engagement photos taken, but because of the snow we had to cancel/reschedule. So instead we were able to make an appointment to meet with a minister. He seemed great, and hopefully we will have a decision made soon! We also finally submitted our engagement announcement to a newspaper finally. We have a few more local newspapers we want to submit to, but at least one has been completed!

So because of the snow I mentioned above, we were a little worried about driving to the holiday party. But my dad let us borrow his car (is a little bigger and heavier than both of our little 2 door cars) so the drive wasn't bad. Once you got onto the highway it was a piece of cake. You can tell I haven't lived in Canada for a while, because there the amount of snow would have made people laugh! But I of course had to bundle up for the elements...

My mom also took a lot of pictures of us in front of the tree before we left. I felt like it was prom all over again!

Anyway, the party was a blast. It was a lot of fun to hang out with everyone from work!

Chris and me at dinner

Patrice and me

The boys got really into dancing!

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