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Friday, November 27, 2009

Mom's Birthday

So I know this was 2 weeks ago, but I was in Cancun (post to follow about that) so I'm late posting the pictures from Mom's Birthday!

Anyway, this year we celebrated another year of Sherrill Freel's life. It was on Sunday, November 15th, and Chris, my dad, and I took her to Ruth's Chris Steak House for dinner. First she opened her gifts, and once again I was able to surprise her! At the beginning of November my mom went up to Toronto to visit Luke (and other family members). While she was gone my dad and I used this opportunity to go shop for a TV for her. In her room she had a 19 inch that was so tiny she couldn't read the words on the TV. So we decided to upgrade it and found a 37 inch LCD TV (I was jealous I didn't have this TV!). So we ordered it and it was being delivered the day she was driving home from Canada. Of course that was the one of the few days my dad wasn't working from home, so I had to stay home and work from home that day. But since I tell my mom EVERYTHING... I had to lie. I told her I had woken up with a headache and decided to work from home that day. How else was I to explain that I wasn't going to work when I talked to her and why I was home early when she got home around 4:30! Anyway... the TV was delivered on time and I did some masterful hiding of it in the garage. I was so good that neither Chris or my dad (who both knew it was in the garage) could see it! It stayed there for about a week, and Sunday morning, when Mom was at church, I had to wrap this big thing. I was able to do it, rehide it, and then when it came time to open the gifts, Dad and Chris brought the thing inside. Mom still didn't know what it was, but was thrilled when she opened it! Now we are able to watch Dancing with the Stars and feel like they are dancing in the room!

We then went to dinner and had an amazing steak dinner. Below are some pictures from dinner.

Mom and Dad at Ruth's Chris

Chris and Me

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