The Adventure Starts Here: Kaitlyn's 2nd Birthday

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Kaitlyn's 2nd Birthday

So this past weekend I went up to Rhode Island with my family for Kait's 2nd Birthday. Chris couldn't come this time because he was taking his dad to the Penn State vs Ohio Game! After the game though Chris said he probably should have come with me considering the outcome :(

I just thought I'd share some cute pictures of Kaitlyn at her birthday party.

Right after she had her picture taken she'd like to take a look at it on the camera.

Kaitlyn and her dad playing the harmonica for us... she gets really into it!

They had a Little Mermaid Pinata and the kids knew right away what to do... get that candy!!!

This was the only shot we could get of the family without Kaitlyn trying to get away!

I think she was a little in awe of all her presents

Even though Chris couldn't be there he sent her an Elmo present... she LOVED it!

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