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Monday, November 30, 2009

Crazy Weekend!

Chris and I had the craziest weekend we've had in a while! So not only did we just fly back from Cancun on Thursday, and then have Marlaina and Tom's Wedding on the Friday, but Saturday we moved Chris into his new apartment. He just got a 1 bedroom place in Morristown... it's the Highlands right next to the train station (perfect for him commuting to Manhattan). We had done all the shopping (he got all new stuff) on previous weekends, but the day where we actually had to move it all was finally upon us.

We got up early and drove over to the apartment, and the first problem arose. This is a brand new apartment, no one has ever lived in his unit before, but I guess when maintenance came to do something or the alarm people came, they didn't wipe their feet, cause there is red crap all over the hallway and bedroom carpet. Honestly, it looks more like some people had a wine party and were a little messy. Then we open the closet, and that's where the biggest stain was... maybe that's where they kept the wine during the party lol.

So I was worried that they wouldn't let him move in that day cause they'd need to replace the carpeting, but they said that the carpet guys would come on Monday and would work around it. It wasn't bad anyway, since most of the stuff was for the living room and kitchen, and those 2 rooms were in perfect condition. So we spent the day moving everything in, and thankfully Chris' friend Ken came to help with a huge truck. With the help of Ken, the truck, and the elevator, we were able to move all the stuff in pretty easily. Then came the fun part... putting all the furniture together. We were able to put together one bedside table, the coffee table, desk, and bookcase together before we gave up and left. So now Tuesday, Chris is taking the day off from work to wait for Verizon to set up the TV and Internet and for Macy's to deliver the bed, couch, chair, and bar stools. He then gets the joy of putting the huge dresser and the other bed side table together. I will get to go to work while he does this and hopefully when I stop by on my way home, the place will look amazing!

Well our weekend didn't stop there... that was just Saturday. So Sunday we were able to sleep in a little, but at noon we met up with a girl I know from high school at the Watchung Lake and she took some engagement photos of us. From what I saw on her camera the pictures should turn out great! We walked around the lake, goofed around on the playground and baseball field, then headed to Washington Rock, and finally to the Warren Library where we played on the swings and rock climbing wall... all while being captured on film! I can't wait to get the pictures and choose which ones to use for the Save-the-Dates!

Straight from there we had to make another visit to the Walmart and get a few more things for the apartment... it never ends, no matter how much planning you think you've done before hand! Then we went back to my house and helped my parents put up the Christmas tree decorations.

We were a really good team hanging the lights

My mom kept having us pose for pictures

Me and my daddy

Maybe we should have had my mom get in a picture at least once!

We put on some Christmas music and had a ton of fun decorating the house. My mom even made Chris some Rice Krispie Treats for him to take home. We then went to dinner at McCormick and Schmick and strangely enough ran into the family that I used to babysit for all the time! They hadn't met Chris yet, so it was a perfect place to introduce them to him before the invitations go out!

Despite it being a very hectic and tiring weekend, we had a blast. I just wish I had one day off to do nothing before having to go back to work.

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