The Adventure Starts Here: Pre-engagement

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Chris and I were set up by his mom. In high school I worked at a dentist office where Chris' mom worked. Years later I still went to that dentist for my checkups and cleanings. In January 2009 Chris' mom asked if I was seeing anyone. I wasn't and she asked if she could give my number and e-mail to her son. I said yes, and a week or two later I got an email from Chris and obviously the rest is pretty obvious.

Below are some pictures from the fun times we had while dating:

At Joe's Wedding in Williamsport, PA

Aimee's Birthday

Chris and Me in Central Park

Chris and Me at McCormick and Schmick

Chris and Me going to my first Mets Game

Mini Golfing

At the Meadowlands Fair

Celebrating Jenn's Birthday

Chris and Me in Philly

Chris and Me visiting Luke and Tyler in Toronto

Chris and Me at the CN Tower

Chris and Me at Niagara Falls

Chris and Me at Laura's Wedding

Chris and Me at Carmine's for our Anniversary

The parents meet for the first time at Alfie's

Chris and I at Taylor Swift

Chris and Me at the US Open

Chris and Me at Kristin's Housewarming

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  1. You forgot to mention the funny part, that you asked Dolores how tall Chris was before you agreed to give him your number! You wanted to be able to wear heels. Love the blog.


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