The Adventure Starts Here: Chris proposed!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Chris proposed!

So this is the first post for Chris and my blog! We decided to start one when we got engaged so we could document the engagement process.

Chris and I got engaged on October 10, 2009 while we were visiting Penn State. We went to the Eastern Illinois game where Penn State crushed them... 52-3! It was my FIRST game, so Chris took care of me... brought me a seat cushion and a blanket all for myself! When the game was over we walked over to the Nittany Lion Statue. Chris was surprised that I didn't complain at all since it was a long walk lol (I guess he knows me well)! When we got to the statue we waited in a short line to get our picture taken. I had no clue what was about to happen!

Chris and I at the game... and the AMAZING band!

So we asked this woman in line to take our picture, and after 2 pictures, Chris asked her to take "just one more", and that's when he got down on his knee and pulled out the ring! It was beautiful and I said "Of Course!". Everyone in line was appropriately oohing and awwing. It was a very nice moment and I'm so glad that we got it on camera even though we don't have a shot of Chris on his knee.... even though he did do it and has the dirt stain on his jeans to prove it!

My gorgeous ring!

Afterwards we made all the appropriate phone calls to family and friends... and I found out my mom and dad knew since the Wednesday and when I look back my mom almost ruined it about a dozen times! Thank goodness I had been in Pittsburgh for work the whole week or else she really would not have been able to keep it in.

The next day we came home to NJ and both of our parents as well as Chris' brother Justin and Justin's girlfriend Ingrid all went out to dinner with us to celebrate! We went to Hoboken to Chris' uncle's restaurant, Amanda's. It was great for everyone to get together... too bad David, Trisha, Kaitlyn, and Luke all live far away :(

Chris and me at Amanda's

Anyway... so that's our engagement story, and now the fun/stress begins of planning a wedding! Wish us luck!

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