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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Busy Weekend

So this weekend was extremely busy for Chris and me. We knew it would be so on Friday night Chris just brought Chinese food over and we watched my Tivo'd episodes of Monk (we were a few weeks behind lol). It was a good thing we didn't go out, we were both falling asleep at 10 pm!

Saturday, I went with my mom dress shopping... but I won't go into much detail there, because it is a surprise... to EVERYONE except my mom and I. Meanwhile, Chris went with his family to the Highlands (where he'll be moving to in December) so he could measure everything. We then met up in the afternoon to go furniture shopping.

Chris really doesn't have any furniture that he's bringing to the new apartment, so we have to get everything new. And I'm helping him pick it all out, because in less than a year it will be OURS! So we went to Crate and Barrel and found some stuff we liked, but not absolutely loved. Then we went to Pottery Barn and didn't find any comfortable couches! Then we went to Raymour and Flannigan - that was a let down :( Next was Ethan Allen, but they take 10-12 weeks to deliver! Chris can't sit on the floor until Christmas!!! So we left that store pretty fast. We finally decided to go to the Macy's furniture store.... and that's where we hit the jackpot. We bought a leather sofa, chair, and ottoman, 2 chairs/bar stools to go under the kitchen breakfast counter, and then we got our King Mattress!!!! It was a very productive day to say the least. Now we just have to find a TV stand (for the huge TV Chris just bought), a desk, and some dressers. Everything else we need we can take our time since he can live as long as he has these things right when he moves in.

Right from there we drove to meet Elena and Brian for dinner. We felt like we were in a movie while we were trying to parallel park while the rain was coming down like crazy and branches were flying at the car (Chris obviously was parking... anyone who knows me knows I can't park in perfect conditions!). Elena is one of Chris' best friends and I had never met her or her fiance yet. Dinner was fabulous and the night was just really fun! We were half an hour late due to our furniture purchases, but everything worked out in the end. I even got some embarrassing stories about Chris from Elena. I guess I have to promise not to share these :(

Sunday was just as busy... I went to Dolce (where we are having the wedding) with my mom and Chris' mom for a Bridal Expo. Chris' mom had never been there before, so we gave her the tour of the Ballroom, the Deck, and the Courtyard. We got some cool ideas for flowers, met with some photographers, and got to try some of the cake that I will be having at my wedding. It was a lot of fun. I then ran home, changed, and Chris picked me up so we could go to the Giants Game. It was my FIRST pro football game ever! We first drove to my friend Patrice's house to meet up with her and her boyfriend so the 4 of us could drive in together. We met up with our other friend at work Jaeger and Jenn. The 6 of us tailgated (burnt some hot dogs) before the 8:20 game. It was cold, but nothing crazy... fortunately Chris brought the Penn State blanket for me to use. Unfortunately the Giants lost :( But still, it was a fun first game!

Our seats were in the 11th row!

Patrice and Mike

The 4 of us trying to stay warm!
(Mike and Jenn had seats across the aisle)

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